Forget Mumbai Blasts it is season of clemency

After almost two decades when Supreme Court delivered its final verdict on the serial blasts in Mumbai in 1993 it was thought that finally Justice has been done to the victims of the blasts but this hope evaporated very soon when new debate started from out of this verdict.

The noted film actor Sanajy Dutt who has been convicted from lower court to supreme court in arms act (Who have been absolved from the charge of terrorism from TADA court with political interference) has been produced before people of the country as the most innocent and reformed person and deserved to be let off without serving his sentence and for this reason discretionary power of governor should be used to provide him clemency.

Days after this demand was raised from the section of people it was echoed with demands for other convicts to pardon who have been convicted from TADA court. The so called champion of Human rights and myopic advocate for this cause retired justice Markandey Katju started this whole debate with his letter to the governor of Maharashtra to give clemency to Snajay Dutt on the humanitarian ground. He was accompanied by noted bollywood actors and directors as well. Media took this whole episode as a discrimination of justice between celebrity and ordinary person. It was the wrong stream on which the whole debate was driven and taking the advantage of this logic Markandey Katju have now writing to governor to pardon another convict from TADA Court Zaibunnisha Kazi .

The larger question arises why this whole debate of clemency took place and what does it mean?

There are two aspects of this debate. In its final verdict on the 1993 Mumbai blasts Supreme Court made some observations against the religious fanaticism which promotes violence and categorically stated that in this blasts the intelligence agency of Pakistan ISI had its role and master minds of this attack are still beyond the reach of us.

Instead of igniting any debate on this aspect of the verdict of the Supreme Court and making the governments responsible for being unable to extradite the master minds who are still enjoying the lavish life in neighboring country   and insure that real masterminds will be tried in our courts our media started the debate on the clemency on the humanitarian ground.

No one should be in any kind of doubt that the people who are responsible for the Mumbai blasts are still running the affairs on Indian soil and particularly Bollywood is dictated by those forces. It took no time when actors and directors from Bollywood started to visit the residence of Sanjay Dutt to show their solidarity and immediately the debate for the clemency to reformed Sanjay Dutt started. It is nothing but an attempt to shield the real culprits and confuse the whole issue.  I have not found a single person or group or even media groups who have    come out with a demand for the government of India to follow the observations of the apex court and make sure that real master minds who are hiding in our neighbor country should be held responsible for the deadly attack and prosecuted in India.

Instead of debating this demand we are showing ourselves as the most vulnerable republic where left –liberals have become enemy of their own system.

I will not be surprised if demand come from some section of the people and our elites that we should have large heart and forget the Mumbai Blasts and pardon everyone as it was done by the perpetrators who are hiding in Pakistan and others have nothing to do with this attack and we will never be able to do with Dawood Ibrahim what USA has done to Osama Bin Laden.

In this whole debate of Clemency our elites and media have proved that they are being run by the left liberal myopic vision which applies the double standard and hypocrisy. They are not ready to forget the 2002 riots in Gujrat and without any court case they have found their favorite whipping boy in Narendra Modi but want to pardon those responsible for the Mumbai blasts and convicted from the courts.  It is not only the utter hypocrisy from their side but it also proves how these forces are shielding to those who want to destroy the free society and believe in ideology of death rather than life.  


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