Country is heading for secular fascism

India is a country where political class and intellectuals have lost belief in them and always prefer to rely on borrowed terms and terminologies. We borrowed lot of “isms “from others but the one so called “Ism” has hurt our society and polity more than any other is “secularism”. In the name of secularism you can cover every sin ranging from political to social.

In the name of “ secularism” the most political sins have been committed in India but no one dare to even name them because  the monster of “ secularism” is so powerful with its perception which is ready to eat anyone who want to question it.

“Secularism” has always been a sacred cow in our constitution and intellectuals to political class every one finds it really difficult to debate it. As long as our journey of nationhood has arrived to post modern era we have entered into Dark Age of irrationality and superstition in the name of “Secularism”.

During his lectures and spiritual discourses in western countries the famous saint and towering spiritual figure Swami Vivekanand often attacked so called rationalists who used to ridicule the traditional and religious values of ours in the name of rationality. He reminded them that if religion or traditions can be treated as superstition and irrational because they did not pass some scientific criteria then it is also superstition and irrationality to follow everything and term from science and rationality as  the absolute truth which still is in its  initial phase and it has to be tested  on various levels.

This parallel of Swami Vivekanand is very much relevant in today’s debate of secularism. The whole debate of secularism reminds me the child age of mine when the intellectual debate was often centered on the issue of whether anything like God exist or not. The atheists, liberals along with communists used to ridicule conservatives and most of the conservatives spend their lives in countering the argument that God does exist and traditions and religions have their role in society. During my childhood I found that this whole debate was more artificial and political in nature rather than loaded with conviction.

During my graduation days one of my Hindi professor used to pretend as atheist and communist but from time to time several religious programs were organized at his residence. Later we realized that he was more atheist and communist to gain political mileage among his competitor professors who used to be conservatives.

I am recalling these incidents with a purpose as in contemporary political scenario it seems to me that our country is heading towards a disaster of secular fascism. In the name of communism the so called class war was justified and millions of millions of people were killed by their own governments to bring the equality.  The same thing happens with fascist ideology where myopic vision was justified to kill the people.

Now we are entering into an era where liberal left and secularism is gradually converting into fascism and trying to impose its values and ideas on others. As in the case of fascism and communism we witnessed that one particular ideology and world visions was visualized and according to that vision all the institutions were redefined and those who defied  the orders were eliminated.

In the name of liberal left and secularism the same thing happens.  This trend is visible in the whole world in general but India in particular is very much sufferer of this new phenomenon.

In the last nine years of the rule of UPA Government at the center we have almost entered into secular fascist regime.

Indian constitution presented before us a system which defined the rules to rule the country. Prime Minister was made the head of the cabinet and cabinet was supposed to be the accountable body for the people of the country. But in last two terms of UPA Government this chemistry have been shaken badly and not only a prime Minister who is unelected been imposed on the country but one shadow cabinet in the name of National advisory council was also formed which is not accountable to any one from people of country to parliament is not only making the draft of legislations but also instrumental in forming and distorting the opinion of the people on several issues with help of left ideologues and NGO’S.

In the nine years of their rule UPA Government has gradually and steadily not only has weaken the institutions responsible for the stability of the country but also have forced the intellectuals to take up the side of injustice in the name of secularism.

The whole debate of secularism in country has become one sided and the whole agenda of liberal left has been pushed around.

In the nine of its rule UPA Government never tried to solve the problem of minorities or terrorism but they connected it with apologetic ideology and ignited the conspiracy theories and theory of injustice to certain community.

Now today the situation has come to a level where in the name of justice injustice is being done openly and our whole system looks one sided.

As in the Nazi Germany Hitler  took the opportunity   to push the country towards fascism in the name of fight against Communism , our political class is doing the mistake in the name of fight against communalism.  Stalin and Mao did the same thing in the name of social equality and class war.

UPA Government has taken the excuse of 2002 communal riots in Gujarat to justify everything from distortion of institutions to misuse of government agencies and our political class is supporting this dangerous plot for their vested political interest. They should not become part of a global conspiracy to make India a laboratory of secular fascism.   

Our Prime Minister announced that “Minorities have first right on the resources of the country”

Later in the name of the fight against terrorism competitive perception was built to counter it with “saffron terror”.

Institutions which are responsible for their work have been overlooked to field new players to push the agenda of secular fascism and retired chief justice of Supreme Court Markandaey Katju is the latest example who is on the mission to promote the liberal left views and creating conducive atmosphere for secular fascism.

His pleadings for the clemency to the convicts of  1993 Mumbai blast has been successful so far as some of them have got few more weeks to surrender. In this whole process no question was raised from our intelligentsia that how we are in the process of ruining our own system but it all has been justified in the name of humanitarianism. It all reminds the communist and fascist ideology where one perception justifies the elimination of other point of view.

Those who justify liberal left and secular fascism in the name of fight against communal forces will get no chance to repent later.


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