Has Secularism failed us?

The concept of ideology and “ISM” is western concept and modern phenomenon and every ideology or Ism has its life. According to “Sanatan Dharma” the truth is one and constant in its soul but we feel it in our three dimensional effect in every era according to our limitations and that form of truth can be described as the ideology for a particular period of time and I find no contradiction between west and our concept of ideology which we define in different way. Continue reading “Has Secularism failed us?”

Why Daniel Pipes needs to be heard?

In last few decades one name has become authority on Islamic study and Middle Eastern issues and almost unavoidable for experts on this subject whether they like it or not and this name is none other than president of Middle East forum himself Dr Daniel Pipes.  He is not facing the criticism from his critics only who find themselves happy to term him Islamophobe but he is also being criticized by those also who suppose to support him. Continue reading “Why Daniel Pipes needs to be heard?”

US religious freedom report: Selective in its approach

Even After more than 6 decades of our independence a section of elites in our country still looks to west as our masters and their words are being considered as the basis for our policy making. The customary US religious freedom report is one of them which excite lot of media personnel and elites in India every year and they never debate on the merits of this report in global perspective but feel happy to draw inferences for their ideological and political motives on domestic front. Continue reading “US religious freedom report: Selective in its approach”