Why Daniel Pipes needs to be heard?

In last few decades one name has become authority on Islamic study and Middle Eastern issues and almost unavoidable for experts on this subject whether they like it or not and this name is none other than president of Middle East forum himself Dr Daniel Pipes.  He is not facing the criticism from his critics only who find themselves happy to term him Islamophobe but he is also being criticized by those also who suppose to support him.

In the decade of 90’s when he came out with his famous book “In The path of God” before the world it moved a large section of people but most of the scholars dismissed him. In the 90’s I was too young to understand the gravity of the book as well as situation in that period I only heard about it. The same decade was the period of social and political upheaval in India also where the same issues become the pivot to this upheaval. The question of religious Fundamentalism found the central figure in social and political arena and the whole atmosphere get charged with religious intolerance and competitive fundamentalism which redefined the Indian political grammar.  Being the spectator and keen watcher of developments  I can recall how young generation of that era defined their priorities in reading the books.

Since 90’s to 21st century almost everything changed in a manner which was beyond imagination the very beginning of 21st century brought before us the crisis about which we were warned time and again in the whole decade of 90’s. First time we become curious about Dr Daniel pipes in later 90’s when several renowned columnist mentioned him to warn about the growing threat of Islamist fundamentalism but once 9/11 happened the whole world recognized who Dr Daniel Pipes is? The most of the media in US lamented if we have heard him before we would have been able to avert this. It made an impact in our minds also and those who were exposed to this new subject of Islamic politics and Middle Eastern issues ran behind the writings of Dr Daniel Pipes.

Almost more than two decades have passed when he first warned the world about the looming threat of Islamism and its definition the whole debate on this issue is still confused and biased. I am using the word confused because most of the scholars or activists take it as a war of civilization that are more influenced with the theory of Samuael Huttington and either create fear psychosis or want to live under it with apprehension of return of the days of crusade and Jihad.

Even more dangerous part is biased nature of this whole debate which wants to use this issue with political purpose to keep this issue alive and escalate it in more dangerous periphery with unimaginable consequences and these people don’t even have any mechanism to arrest or control the consequences.

Beyond those two confuse and biased views we have with us one other view which needs to be listen and heard and that view is of Dr Daniel Pipes who from the very beginning says that radical Islam is the problem and Moderate Islam is the solution.

In today’s article http://www.danielpipes.org/12847/islam-vs-islamism he has again emphasized on the same argument.

The whole issue of terrorism which is abetted and motivated by religious fundamentalism needs to be handled delicately with full sensitivity.  The faith of the people of the more than one billion people cannot be declared as the source of problem not only to pacify their anger but to make them chance to make some modifications in themselves and we should not prejudge that it cannot happen with their faith.

There are two problems with Muslims across the world and needs to be cared.  The lack of division between their geo political problems and religious problems has stitched both of them together and their religious leadership takes every challenge before Muslims as challenge before their faith.

Like other people Muslims are also facing several problems which have nothing to do with their faith and none of the solutions lies in their faith but they clubbed them together which creates more sense of insecurity in them and their religious leadership exploit this sense of insecurity and make them more regressive and create more complications for the society rather than solving their problems.

I am fully agree with Dr Daniel Pipes that Moderate Islam needs to be evolved and to fasten this process it is also important for those who initiate this process to delink their faith with their geo political problems . I have found that Muslims are very much insecure for their faith as they think their faith has been targeted as the source of the problems comes from their side.

This process is not easy but can be started and to make it happen the theory of Dr Daniel Pipes can prove to be the torch bearer. It is time to recognize those forces who want to exploit this whole debate for their political purpose to escalate the situation to polarize the opinion and more interested to make things worse  rather than solve it and those who are sincere to solve this whole problem. In my opinion those who are confused and define it as clash of civilization needs to be enlightened with the ideas of Dr Daniel Pipes but those who are biased and not ready to listen any argument needs to separated from this whole debate as they have no formula to fight this problem and simply making it war of faiths which is dangerous for the humanity as hatred can never be the cure for hatred, it can be cured only by finding the ultimate solution.


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