Has Secularism failed us?

The concept of ideology and “ISM” is western concept and modern phenomenon and every ideology or Ism has its life. According to “Sanatan Dharma” the truth is one and constant in its soul but we feel it in our three dimensional effect in every era according to our limitations and that form of truth can be described as the ideology for a particular period of time and I find no contradiction between west and our concept of ideology which we define in different way.

The whole journey of Human civilization is to attain freedom from its limitations and break the bondage of limitations, the journey of Human civilization is to know the infinite from finite and in this process it has goes further in its innovations to material world to metaphysical world.

But if world have been so simple the whole story of Human civilization has been totally different. It has passed to different phases and witnessed the blood bath in the name of faith and later for political ideologies which were more than faith for few.

Every century has its characteristics, the transition of theocracy to democracy was defined the biggest achievement in recent history of Human civilization where the concept of separation of state and Church was defined in the name of secularism and even after several centuries when political ideologies tried to limit the freedom of people in the form of “fascism” and “Communism”, secularism still stands tall in the modern achievements but any innovation is never the last word.  The same thing is true with Secularism also.

After several centuries is it not time to relook at this concept if not in the terms of its definition then at least to evaluate how it worked.

In my opinion secularism was an agreement among the people of different faith to not talk on disagreements of the faith rather more than separating it from state. The idea was behind this agreement to avoid the disagreement between faiths and let political, social behavior and international relations run with other issues and faith does not become driving force into it.  It had worked well in modern era as human civilization has been able to major confrontation in the name of religion and the space of faith has been occupied by political ideologies and skirmishes and battle in the name of ideologies have not been less injurious but they were not so much polarizing as it would have been in the name of faith.

But in modern era if we look around the world and sincerely introspect about those problems we can’t say that the world does not face the problem in the name of faith.

The whole concept of secularism has now converted into a problem and in recent future the world will be facing huge problem if secularism will not be evaluated.

The whole concept of secularism has become one sided and giving the opposite results which it was supposed to stop.

In the democratic set up when world has been defined in the theory of nation state in political landscape. The whole world does not follow the same theory and when a block of more than 57 states deliberately tries to scuttle the modern arrangements how the world leaders and institutions boast to be so successful with their arrangements.

In present circumstances the secularism is providing more fuel for the competitive fundamentalism. In few centuries those societies and people who followed secularism in its true spirit in their statecraft and political to social behavior finds themselves on the losing side as they have not only become small in their numbers and have no other option than to see how in the name of secularism the naked game of appeasement is being played by their own representatives.

On the one hand Islamic nations and their leaders never concede to the modern definitions and they still depend more on their religious identity from social behavior to political behavior on the other people of other faith followed the secularism in its true spirit from their public life to statecraft .

It resulted in the imbalance of the social contract across the world as the democracies which supposed to pave the way for fair and just system has tempted to become appeaser and apply the different rule in the name of secularism.

The leftist Islamist collaboration has exploited the democratic system in its favor to push its agenda of left fascism and now it has clubbed with secular fascism. In the name of defining the problems around the world they are trying to impose the extreme left views with help of non ideological left leaning people who think that left is always pro people and pro poor in its approach and the distortion of secularism as appeasement policy also win them more support among Muslims and With help of this constituency they have been able to govern more of the major democracies in the world.

This new phenomenon is going to create a new problem before the world which most of the analysts are unable to anticipate. This new secular left fascism will get the official doctrine and will convert into a movement as happened in the days of communism.

If secularism will be allowed to practiced in the same partisan and myopic way as it being practiced then world will enter into new crisis as disgruntled people from different faith will disobey their state machinery to indulge into competitive fundamentalism . It is time to restore the sanctity of secularism and not convert it into appeasement policy.


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