Will Modi be the instrument for change in India?

The social, political and economic atmosphere of country is charged with heavy discussion of uncertainty. If you talk to any people ranging from any class to any gender or any age group one thing is very common that is aspiration for change. The change for which they are looking is not easy even for them to define also but they are looking for it. Most of the discussions are taking place from streets to restaurants and drawing room to Television channels are the political scenario of country post 2014 general elections. But here issues are larger than politics.

Two major issues have shaped the country in last more than six decades after the independence the poverty eradication and communal harmony. Most of the problems which country is facing are somehow related with these two issues. In the name of poverty eradication our policy makers and political parties conveniently adopted the path of “Socialism”   and in the name of communal harmony the concept of “Secularism” to divide majority and minority rather than unite them    was continued even after the independence.

Today country is stuck in a situation which is the result of these two policies. The growth story of country has again reverted to square one and country has reached to the situation where it was in early 90’s. In the name of Socialism and poverty eradication we have been failed to break the stagnation in village economy and due to this failure villages lag behind in development and deep divide between urban and village economy became the story of country. One other failure has been the inability to develop the women entrepreneurship and due to this inability a large section of people of   our population never become part of growth story.

Both of these symptoms have pushed us to a situation Where we  have come to a stage again where economic growth has lowered to such extent where it touch around the figure of Nehruvian growth rate of 4-5 percent and political leaders from socialist background who took progressive and pro growth path has revert to their old slogan of “ Backwardness” .

In contemporary political scenario two political personalities manifest the two opposite streams which are trying to dominate. Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi manifest the stream of aspiration for change in country not only the change in political guard but change in our outlook on the other chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar who took the path of progress and change for few years has returned to the socialist path which is more afraid of change and with the slogan of Backwardness want to sustain the backwardness. The fight or tussle between Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar is merely not the result of ego clash but both of them represent their ideologies.

India is looking for a change. The general elections will not only prove how India has changed in last two decades since 90’s but also pave the way to redefine several things in our social and political discourse.

Most of the political analysts find themselves to  satisfy to resemble the present political situation with 1996 when BJP emerged as the single largest party in Loksabha but was unable to muster the majority mark and in the name of secularism no political party other than their natural allies supported them and the BJP government fall in short period of 13 days but later in short span of period in less than two years the political realignment took place and BJP was able to from the government with support of more than 23 allies.  Few people predict that the same political cycle will repeat itself but those who don’t learn from history repeat the history.

The national and international situation in early 90’s was very much different from today.  Information age was not there and private television channels were not there, most of the professional and literate people were depend on the BBC Hindi service to get the political perspective and concept of social media was not there to make you writer and publisher together   to reduce the dependence on the publishers.

In early 90’s the Islamic assertion and aggression was being talked here and there but on the national and international level it had not taken any concrete shape. In India the economic capital Mumbai was gripped under the underworlds like Haji Mastan but was more illegal smuggling syndicate and did not  have much polarizing  effect  and  was also not the international terrorism problem as it is  today in the form of Dawood Ibrahim.

According to my assessment country has moved on but most of the political parties and social organizations are not in consonance with the aspirations of the people of the country. If you travel in any corner of the country and meet any group of people you will easily find one basic change which they have developed due to their global exposure that they too deserve the same standard and facilities which others have and it attracts them to earn more and the days are over when communists and socialists use to say that basic necessity is “ Roti. Kapda aur Makan” (Bread, cloths and house) now it has turned into “ Roti, Kapda, Makan , Mobile and TV” ( Bread, Cloths, house, Mobile and TV) .

This change in the aspirations of the people has changed their priorities and social as well as political goals. Political and social movements like communism and socialism will never be able to regain themselves as they are afraid of development and change in class.

In early 90’s India missed the chance when country defeated the Congress party and gave their verdict for change from status quo but Prime Minister of that time V P Singh took the same route in the name of “Socialism” and “Secularism” which later pave the way for the evolution of right wingers which has been unable to come to the expectations as well. Now country is heading for a change but political scenario will depend how leaders analyze the situation and strategize it. If Narendra Modi will take the path of change and will be able to show the people that he can take the country to new horizons where the “ Socialism “ and “ Secularism” will not become the hindrance in the growth and development of country then he will prove all the political pundits wrong .


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