Shah Bano to Isharat Jahan we have returned to 80’s

In the decade of 80’s I was merely a child but watching the developments going around me with great curiosity.  I can remember those developments in chronological order which happened after 1984. I was too young at the time of general elections for 1984 were in discussions and the failed experience of Janta Party was a great cause of worry among the opposition groups. Leaders like chandrashekhar ,  Chaudhary Charan Singh and Atal Bihari vajpee were preparing to make Congress out of power but the unfortunate incident of assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi happened and the whole political scenario changed in few days.

The whole country was stunned with this incident and the change of guard in Congress party was closely watched. The day when Indira Gandhi was assassinated his son and General Secretary of the party Rajiv Gandhi was in West Bengal and when he heard the news he left for Kolkata. Now The president of Country and senior most person from Congress Pranav Mukherjee talked about his seniority and desired to succeed late Indira GANDHI but not only he was being asked to get off from the car of Rajiv Gandhi but later he was expelled from the party .

Rajiv Gandhi was made the ad hoc Prime Minister of the country and during that period in Bhopal the union Carbide incident took place but not only the man Anderson  who was responsible for the killing of thousands of the innocent people was allowed to go  scot free from the  country but later Rajiv Gandhi mediated the  compromise with the company with minimal compensation. It proved how much respect and stature we have in the eyes of the western countries. Now again our foreign minister Salman Khurseed justified the snooping of USA to our country and says shamelessly that they were doing it to protect us from terrorism. The government of a country which leaves no stone unturned to politicize the terrorism depends on the others to fight terrorism, how low can we go from here?

After the assassination of Indira Gandhi a massive anti Sikh riots was engineered and on the sympathy wave of Indira Gandhi Rajiv Gandhi won the elections with landslide majority and it was difficult to find out opposition even from the microscopic eyes. But the real story begins once Rajiv Gandhi took reins.

In 80’s I witnessed the most of people of the country voted for Congress due to sympathy for late Indira Gandhi but only after two years of the rule of Rajiv Gandhi government people started to whisper about the corruption and appeasement policies of the government.

80’s was the decade when one country of south East Asia Philippines was facing the upheaval. The autocrat and corrupt president of Philippines Ferdindo Marcos and her wife Imelda Marcos were forced to leave the country once they tried to rig the elections and shut up the manifestation of the mandate of the people. This development influenced the psyche of the people of the country and Hindi service of the BBC news informed the people about this whole development and when the news of Bofors scam broke before the people of the country the whole country become outraged and the Government of Rajiv Gandhi who had come in power only two years ago with huge majority started to crumble. At the same time this government also bends it’s backward before Islamic fanaticism and took extraordinary step in the history of Muslim appeasement to declare officially that Muslims are the privileged society of the country who is not bound to respect the judicial system of the country and constitution was amended to overrule the judiciary.

80’s was the decade when country was on the cross road. The people of the country were so much angry with Congress and they were looking for an alternative but politically no one was there to channelize this anger. Finally the finance minister of the then government V P Singh took the initiative and challenged the congress and its leader Rajiv Gandhi.

In the decade of 80’s the country was outraged and frustrated with the corruption , dynastic rule , Muslim appeasement and status quo and it was the first government in any democracy which almost lost the confidence of people many years before general elections were happened.

Now it seems to me again as I am living in the decade of 80’s.  The Congress government says it has the mandate but people of the country have lost their confidence into this government even before general elections happen. The scams and its quantity and magnitude have moved the every citizen of the country.  Various revolutions against corrupt and dynastic state heads have affected the psyche of the people of the country as it affected in 1986 in the case of Ferdindo Marcos. The Ben Ali of Tunisia, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Kaddafi of Lybia and now upheaval in Syria call for the people of the country to wake up against the corruption dynastic rule which is going on in the name of democracy.

The case of Islamic assertion and aggression has been multiplied since 80’s. In the decade of 80’s we use to hear the story of the glorification of Haji Mastan who was running the smuggling syndicate but now his successor Dawood Ibrahim has converted into international terrorist syndicate. In 80’s Rajiv Gandhi government declared that Muslims in India are above the law but the Manmohan Singh government declared that Muslims are above the national security.  In 80’s Shah Bano has become the symbol of the vote back politics and now today Isharat Jahan has become the symbol of vote back politics part two.

In the decade of 80’s India was being counted as a poor nation with no competence and desire. Our growth rate was between 4to 5 . We have returned to the same category again. Everything which we earned in two decades from 90’s has been ruined to feel us ashamed. Now it is up to the people of the country to decide whether they want to moved on or look back in anger.


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