The politics on encounters is deeper than it looks

Two days ago one of the district court in Delhi delivered its verdict on the Batla House encounter case which happened in September 2008 days after serial blasts rocked the national capital . Before this blasts several other serial blasts happen in other parts of the country and the name of new terrorist outfit Indian Mujahideen surfaced in these attacks in which hundreds of innocent people lost their lives. On September 2008 Delhi police received the information of a module of IM in Delhi hiding in Batla House part of one of the densely Muslim populated area called Jamia Nagar.  Delhi police conducted the brave operation and one officer of the special cell Mohan Chand Sharma got injured and succumbed to injuries later.

This encounter later become the huge issue and almost become the article of faith for Leftists and Islamists in India. Five years have passed since the encounter took place and Judiciary has delivered its verdict to declare it as genuine encounter and found an IM terrorist Shahjad Ahmad guilty of killing inspector Mohan Chand Sharma but the controversy has not rested yet. Those who raised suspicion on the authenticity of the encounter immediately after the encounter took place with their conspiracy theory are still not convinced with court verdict and  trying to linger on the issue to keep this issue  alive as their article of faith.

Once court has delivered its verdict on the Batla House encounter and it was supposed to die down the controversy but still this issue is very much alive and not only this encounter but several other encounters have become the political issue.

Now it has become necessary to scrutinize the reasons why the politics of encounter is taking place in this country.

Since 9\11 happened and world was exposed to the danger of the ideology which wants to intimidate others with use of violence to achieve its political goal also pave the way for ideological polarization.

After the collapse of totalitarian communism ideology the world suffered with danger of another totalitarian ideology which was in the offing named Islamist ideology. Since communism lost the state power and base of USSR it was facing the threat of annihilation but any ideology never ends when it lost its driving power it converts into another or goes for any strategic alliance for survival and same thing happened with communists across the world, the Islamists which become reason of their decline and fall find new bed fellow in the form of communists as their new friends.

Being a totalitarian and supporter of use of violence to achieve their political goal Communists have always been in something common with Islamists. Particularly in India this alliance has been working successfully for a long time.

After the 9\11 when the whole world gathered to survive as human civilization the communists have something else in their mind they find new enemy and new definitions and started to expand themselves on the theme of European left. Since 2001 a flux of organizations talking about human rights for terrorists and more curb on state and security forces which are responsible to secure the state have become common in every democratically elected states.

This global phenomenon is rampant with common symptoms as float the conspiracy theory to blunt the anger against perpetrators of terror justice (As Terrorism happens in India because in 1992 Muslim Mosque was demolished and in 2002 Gujarat riots happened and naxalism happens because of the pro rich policies and exploitation of poor and tribal in India) and confuse the people with misinformation to divide the solidarity and resolve to fight against terror or ideology of totalitarian. On the second count exploit the democratic process in their favor in the name of legal remedies, freedom of expression and right to protest. As third and the most dangerous part of this whole strategy is to support the cause of violence and terror in the name of atrocity or reaction and as if it is not sufficient create the competitive perception to justify the terror and violence.

This is the global phenomenon and it cannot be analyzed in isolation. Since 2001 conspiracy theories have become part of academic debate, in the name of freedom of expression and democratic rights established political and social figures float illogical and unsubstantiated rumors and misinformation   which have sensational value with an agenda to support the myth of leftist and Islamists .

As per Example any one can get tons of material which supports the theory of 9\11 was an internal job of CIA with support of Israel secret agency mossad.  As conspiracy theory was floated that 9\11 was done as an excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.  The same case is relevant with the Godhra incident where in 2002 more than 60 Hindu pilgrims were burned alive in Sabarmati train who were returning from the holy city Ayodhya and later it escalated the communal riots in Gujarat. Since 2002 several organizations and on the some occasions politicians also fueled the speculation that it was done by Hindu groups to engineer the riots later.

Conspiracy theorist in India are not the cynical and isolated people but well established political figures and social groups who are on the mission to establish that India is under threat of Hindu communalism which has taken turn of Hindu militancy . These efforts are going on since 2002 but have taken ideological support since 2008 when Indian economic capital Mumbai was attacked and not only political personalities from ruling party raised the question on the authenticity of the claims that it was terrorist attack supported by Pakistan and ISI but also spread the misinformation that it was done by Hindu elements. Since that time the politics of encounter has become article of faith for leftists and Islamists in India.

In today’s global scenario the global exposure and globalization of information has took the battle of ideologies beyond the nation state boundaries and groups more rely on their ideological fraternity across the world rather than confine themselves to the national boundaries on the national issues. It is happening with the case of leftist Islamist ideology more than others where these people don’t hesitate to talk in the language of global phenomenon. As per example language of few Indian politicians and social groups are the same as Islamic countries when it comes the case of encounters where terrorists have been gunned down or the matter of Gujarat riots come, both speak with same solidarity.  This new emerging and dangerous phenomenon needs to be taken into consideration.

After the collapse of communism these communists have allied with Islamists and their priorities have changed and they want to transform the whole world on the model of European left where state have been made impotent. The model of European left suits both left and Islamists as weak state and its institutions will pave the way for both of them to capture the state and push their agenda in near future.

In India those who see the politics of encounters or the bogey of Hindu terrorism as mere vote bank politics are not able to decipher why it all happening.

It is high time for the forces across the world to get united who doesn’t want left and Islamists alliance to push the world into new fascist era.


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