My thoughts on arrest of jundal, Tunda and Yasin Bhatkal

It is very much visible that Abu Jundal, Abdul Karim Tunda and now founder of Indian Mujahideen Yasin Bhatkal has been arrested with joint operation of our intelligence agencies with support of US agencies. What could be the reason behind the US cooperation with our intelligence agencies. Few points come to my mind.

1- Most of the western countries and US have realized that threat of Jihadi terrorism is no more over and Al qaeda is trying to revive itself with consolidation of splinter jihadi groups around the world and Pakistan could become the chief patron to this operation .

2- The sudden change in scenario of Middle East has worried the western world as revival of Salafi’s are very much evident in this region . US administration particularly Barak Obama was over confident after executing defunct Osama Bin Laden but the developments in recent months in Middle east has proved that so called Arab spring turned out to be Arab summer very soon.

3- The days of withdrawl of NATO forces from Afghanistan nears and US wants to insure that Pakistan should not use the territory of Afghanistan to revive Taliban to repeat 1990’s . To insure it US want to contain Pakistan and its ambitions in this region as well as keep its under check and these arrests of ISI stooge gives enough ammunition to India to embarrass Pakistan on global stage to prove it as patron of terror.

4- US administration under Barack Obama sincerely believes that problem of Palestine and Kashmir are the problems which represents the genuine concern of Muslims and needs to be resolved and in his last tenure he want some breakthrough on this front. US want Pakistan to placate India and at least do something which satisfy Indian opinion to some extent and in exchange take some big concession on Kashmir issue.

5- In last few years Dubai has emerged as the new destination and heaven to deposit and route all the black money from illegal means and who knows better than US and western countries that whenever gulf countries had immense wealth they don’t hesitate to invest it in promoting the jihad .

I expect in coming months Dawood ibrahim and Haif Saeed would have difficult times because it is all about money and safety.


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