Do we shy away from women issues?

For last two years India is debating the issue of safety of women and its empowerment. The shocking incidents of rape and sexual assult of women is the issue which can not be seen in isolation. Since this debate has started in society it has also ignited the debate of morality and ethics for women in her sex appeal.

When we talk   the freedom for  women and her empowerment we can not dissociate the issue of her freedom on her body , mind and soul . The feminist argument of exclusive freedom for women culminates in her sex appeal and sexual freedom also because   sexual explicitly and sex appeal  is   an integral part of women empowerment , her strength and confidence ( different cultures have different customs and traditions to express it) .  But  several   forces who feel offended with this emerging trend advocate status quo for women in the name of social order, ethics and morality . The advocates for women freedom and empowerment call it an excuse from those  who  for a long time treated women as property and commodity with conditional freedom on terms decided by them . The reality lies somewhere between these  two ,the feminist argument is somehow valid that women has been denied their freedom and dignity to live on their conditions with total control on their mind, body and decisions. But it is also as much true that men and women are part of the social order and family values in every society  and solution can be found if we look to the future and  not get stuck in the arguments of the past.

Every future is different from past because human being  has mind which evolves  with time and pragmatism along with necessity changes everyone from individuals to societies. We can change things as we want but first seek control on our own mind . Women still struggle to be master of their body and soul and this fact can not be denied that incidents of rape and sexual assaults happen due to the perverted  mindset that women’s sexuality and her sex appeal is her strength and weakness as well and if her sexuality will be attacked her morale will  die down and most of the times  it is being thought that she does not enjoy control on her body and it is made for others  . Those who talk for women empowerment and freedom for women are not honest in their approach if they put conditions to provide such freedom and empowerment. It is high time to at least realize that women needs more freedom and empowerment and we can not shy away from this issue in the name of morality and ethics.  It would be improper to talk on the issues of women freedom and empowerment without providing an atmosphere and security where they can think of them as an independent entity without being afraid of stalked and assaulted only because they express their confidence and personality with their choice.

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