Is it time to think beyond limitations?

My experience tells me that root cause of all the problems lies in “ Fear” and Fear born out of lack of love and lack of love remains  due to “ confinement in limitations” . As long as you broaden and stretch  your emotions and heart and get down deep into love you would find bitterness and fear reduces .

For an example we are being taught to live with our limitations as my family, community, religion, country and ideology  and we fall in love with these limiations as long as we  grow  and we find ourself programed to fear with those who are standing outside our  limited  boudary   and its vise versa.  This era is to go beyond our limitations.  Sometimes whom we “ love” hesitate to express it our of fear that from that side we will not get proper response.

More often when the neccissity of “ Love” is being spoken one argument comes in mind can  “ Love” be observed as an absolute theroy and could be  practised in absolute sense as per example when a soldier of a country fights to his enemy  and kills him as per demand of his duty , does his heart not fills with “ Love” and he is made of hatred. It is not true the heart of a soldier is not filled with hatred if it would have been the case he would have been thinking everytime for his enemies with hate and prejudice but it is never the case , soldier only performs his duty when his superior policy maker leaders take decisions and command him to do such duty.

The same situation is not with ordinary people who are not bound to kill others as they have the unlimited space to go deep into the ocean of love and reach out to people to create better understanding between communities, religions, races who have been on the other side and  previously been supposed as enemy and potentioal threat to each other.  If communities,  religions and races could work each other with sole theme of “Love” most of the problems can be sloved without bloodshed and firing a single bullet.

Whenever I think of our contemporary society thought comes to my mind that we have made nations,  states, laws and constitutions and these laws have given lot of rights as per example human rights, right to women , right to children and right to animal  but still this world is full of inequality,  exploitation , injustice etc . I felt that modern society has adopted a state model which believes that right is sufficient cure for all the disease and even these rights have been attained after long struggle and effrots but this is incomplete cure . We have given rights but not dignity  and this is the root cause of the  problem.

Any person can give dignity and respect to other when his education, personality trait and thought process make him to believe “ oneness” ( Not uniformity)  in the whole universe and belief of “ Belonging of self” in every apsect of universe  with strong belief that  “ One element” runs the universe and  we are all connected with that element and human body is “ limited version” of universe and universe is “ Unlimited  version of Human Body”  and this universe is not only for human beings but other creatures, animals, plants, trees, rivers, oceans have equal rights and dignity  on this planet.

Crossing over the limitations of human body in thinking creates  more space in thoughts which   stretches one’s mind and heart and feeling of oneness and self connectivity with universe becomes real.  This feeling of unity in diversity can reduce inequality and injustice because if we are doing  deliberate injustice to others due to differnce in race, sex, religion, ethnicity , languase not due to principle of truth and justice then actually we are not doing  it  to other but to ourself because ultimately we are one.

It is time to reformulate the philosohy of political science, international relations  and goal of human life and debate the role of spirituality in policy making to make this world more secure, equal , peaceful and just place.


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