What awaits for 21st century ?

In the beginning of the 20th century two important events happened which shaped the history for the next century. In 1914 when process of beginning of end of   Khilafat institution started the process of separation of religion and state and diminished role of administered religion become mature and it paved the way for for more rationalization and scientific temper . In 1917 Soviet revolution tried to fill into the shoes of this ideological vacuum and role of faith and religion was almost denied in Marxist ideology . The demand for more rights for under privileged and watching the human history through the prism of economic angel dominated this new phenomenon and the space of left in economic, political , cultural and spiritual sphere was dictated by communists.

In between these two developments the concept of ” Secularism” become a kind of agreement to agree to disagree on religion and not to talk on religious differences . In last  one century Islamist movement tried to revive the Khilafat institution with various methods but it keeps getting lose the momentum and public support and Marxist ideology has also been unable to prove itself as complete one and it collapsed as well.

But impact of these ideologies (Islamist and Communists) on other ideologies can not be ruled out as Islamist and Communists had foot prints of Fascism on their movements at the same time  they were highly influenced with the strategy of Fascists to attain their goal. After one century of Islamist and Communist movements and their decay they have been successful in influencing other movements as well. In present scenario if we try to analyse those movements who emerged to arrest the growth and influence of Islamism and communism ended with embracing the negative traits of these movements as conspiracy theory, seized mentality, fear psychosis , taking the violent route to stop the opposite voice and envisioned their own world vision to galvanize their support base. After one decade the world is again seems to be polarized in far right and far left groups across the world and they have created imbalance in the polity and established norms and social contract. It is high time to look for new ideas to stop the polarization.

Now new century is going to force the mankind to look beyond religions and evolve more common grounds in them rather than to shut eyes on the role of faith in human behavior and policy making. It is tough time for religions to survive without scientific temper and keeping themselves relevant only in the name of tradition and superstition. Now spirituality is the solution to look for new global ideology based on more coherence, accommodating and balanced in nature. The role of spirituality above religions and forming new economic vision and political philosophy is needed so more freedom in human behavior , social behavior can be accommodated so market economy could become basis to cure problems of people to create more opportunities and competition to nurture entrepreneurship and encourage people to be rich in thoughts and their life.

Material growth and spirituality

Material growth is relative to spiritual growth and spiritual growth is relative to crossing over the limitations and narrowness and become more broader and wider. Fusion of spirituality and materialism could be the base of new ideology and  India can offer it. Our upnishads are  so clear about it but we Indians are  so confused to it and this confusion has made us hypocrite and corrupt.

Modern society

The changing dynamics of people’s behavior in modern society has several reasons and one of them is changing pattern of communication . Communication gap is dangerous phenomenon but it taking place in society at faster pace and other worrying tendency is lack of dailouge .Most of the people believe in imposing them on other and rather than listening patiently we have programed our mind to react and respond immediately

The philosophy of life

The flowing waves of sea and ocean and streams of flowing river tells the whole philosophy of life. The flow of water never stops and every new wave is new in its nature totally different from the last one but at the same time its own identity of water and river or ocean remains intact. Life is all about flow and every flow is different from other and new in its nature if we are open to learn from every moment and enjoy new experiences with keeping our identity intact life become too easy to live with joy.

Every wave of water in river or ocean want to break its bank and go beyond its limit but nature does not allow it to do that , Only Human being has been awarded the mind and heart who can cross over its limits but in the whole history of human civilization few of them have exercised this practice and in doing so they have to fight to themselves. I hope the day will come when we would have a system who will focus on building the personality trait to make every human being to realize its self.


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