Don’t make Modi Alexander of Hindus let him be focused to governance.

Earlier I had decided to not talk or write anything which would sound as an assessment on the performance of government headed by Narendra Modi  even before it completes its one year term but after six months of its tenure it looks imperative to talk on the government.  Six months is a little time to judge any government and especially when a government has come to power with a huge sweeping mandate of change. There are two perspective to look at the performance of Modi Government , one is to look it in negative  way as opposition of the country is doing even without being rational on anything and blowing things out of  proportion and doing injustice to the government but other perspective is to look into government in the background of   those unnecessary and irresponsible controversies which has created an negative impact on its governance and aroused more suspicion in the mind of those who believed Narendra Modi with his track record of governance and willingness to move country forward without being stuck in historical and ideological questions.

In last one month the controversies which has surrounded the Modi Government and most of them  are self made controversies  made me to think  and  look  into  the source of these controversies which  will later  impact the agenda  of governance and progress of Modi Government.

Narendra Modi has been able to transform his Hindutva image into a man of governance and took Ideological Hindutva voters and aspiring middle class with nationalist feeling on board and somehow brought  a deal before people of country that “ You trust me I will bring prosperity and growth in your life and will move the country from status quo”.  He started with his political base of Hindutva and aspiring middle class but very soon expanded himself to the wider reach during his election campaign .

His mandate was made of contradictory aspirations

  • The strong Hindutva base supported by “ Hindu nationalist feeling” and it saw in Narendra Modi as his real mascot who can bring them to their cherished goal of “ Hindu Rashtra”.
  • The Middle class who was aspiring for change but was neither supportive to Congress nor new political party AAP which born out of an anti corruption movement as both of them were bending backward to liberal left and the very existence of India as strong state was under serious challenge.
  • The newly inducted Young Indians voters who had born after 1990’s where they have neither witnessed the politics of Mandal or Kamandal ( Famous political symbolism for Temple and reservation politics) and have enjoyed more liberty and freedom in economic and social values.

Narednra Modi become a national icon and politician with high popularity but it was  more mixture   of the circumstances and lack of leadership just like the era of Rajiv Gandhi ( The more enthusiastic advisers and supporters saw him as indira  Gandhi of BJP ).

It was highly recommended for Narendra Modi to work out to cobble out better understanding between these contradictory aspirational groups and come out with new model of governance equipped with pride nationalistic feelings but only few months after his government he finds himself to be swinging more to the “ Hindu nationalist” constituency.

In electoral politics it is often supposed that once a party or politician loses his popularity among masses  then he switches to his core political base but in the  case of Narendra Modi  it could not be the situation because he and his party still enjoys a massive popular support.

Then what could be the reason behind the impatience of Hindutvawadis to embarrass the Modi Government with their daily irresponsible comments and deeds.

I had tried to  find out  few reasons for them.

For a long time there have been a feeling of inferiority complex among the elites of “ Hindu Nationalists” inside India and abroad to watch the India as a Hindu bloc separate to Muslims and Christians on world theater and with conscious or unconscious mind they  have  strong feelings and aspirations like “ Ayatollah Khomainei” who applied all the western idioms to ignite a religio civilization revolution into the Iran to count the Iran as an aspiring world power.  These ideologues and elites inside India and abroad have romanticized a theory to make India as a Hindu force along with state less civilizations like pagans, Romas and Zipsis.

In previous BJP government headed by Atal Biharee Vajapee they have not been able to influence him much to work on this  agenda as they  thought it was due to the smaller mandate for BJP but in present  Modi Government they are not ready to escape him with this argument.

These elites of Hindu nationalism want to make in Narendra Modi an Alexander of Hindus to push the ancient civilization on global stage as well as  Putin of India  to make India a force out of hegemony of west in general  and USA in particular.

One other reason for this daily drama  remains in India where RSS the torch bearer of Hindu Nationalism and pivot to the Hindu right politics for more than nine decade running out of patience to see its ideology to be translated into governace in one way or the other.

These ideological pulls and pressures along with romanticized Hindu renaissance has created a situation where Narendra Modi government is finding herself to be stuck in a dilemma.

I don’t want to suggest  or pass my comment on the merit of these arguments but in my opinion the situation which they want to see on world theater needs hard work keeping their priorities and strategy time bound specific and pragmatic.  They should allow  Narendra Modi to live up to his promises and do justice with his mandate because he can do very little in attaining the civilization goals but if pressure would be built on him to catch the time before time he would end up in worse than Atal Biharee Vajpaee.


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