Are we entering into era of cyber war?

The latest sensational act of high profile hacking with a potential of turning it into full blown real diplomatic tussle has happened in USA when Sony pictures was forced to cancel the release of its controversial comedy movie “ The Interview” based on the fiction of assassination of North Korean dictator Kim Jong UN. The decision of the cancellation of the movie came not only in the wake of the hacking of the email correspondence of the Sony Pictures staff and executives but once hackers warned movie goers to face the consequences for seeing the movie and reminds them the 9\11 like incident. After this threat all the major theaters in USA decided not to show movie “ The Interview” in their theaters on Christmas day and Sony pictures also declared to postpone the release of movie in near future although they are planning to release it on other platforms.

This controversy was simmering in entertainment industry for a long time but it became full diplomatic issue when president of USA Barack Obama jumped into this issue and expressed his displeasure on the decision of the Sony Pictures to pull out the movie , he said Sony would have consulted to them before taking the decision to pull out the movie.

Since hackers who call them “ Guardian of peace” has hacked the  sensitive email correspondence between Sony staff and executives and made them public along with tonnes of unreleased movies of Sony intelligence services of USA came into action and FBI has told that this hacking took place on the orders of North Korean high level leadership.

In the month of December when first promo of the movie “ The Interview” was displayed North Korea felt annoyed and called it terrorist act and complained to White house for it . The movie “ The Interview” is a fiction which revolves around a story where a popular TV show of which North Korean leader Kim Jong UN is fond of  find himself in a trap of CIA Which plots to assassinate Kim Jong Un with help of the Anchor of the show who takes an appointment with Kim Jong Un for an interview and then make an  attempt to kill him. This fiction made North Korean leadership so upset and they took it as an direct attack on them.

In Hollywood movies more often we see North Korea as a potential threat to the security of USA with  hacking capacity and virtual attack and it  has been more than often outlined in their  movies. Now this imaginary threat has come to become reality  first time and the fight in cyber space has become a new reality. Particularly the Hollywood movie “ Olymus has fallen” is the best movie on this subject.

This hacking episode has polarised the opinion in Asia as Japan and South Korea has condemned this cyber attack on Sony pictures as they have been victim of North Korean cyber attack in past but China has been more cautious in its reaction and instead of condemning this attack in unconditional terms it has raised the questions on the ethics of movie itself.

The conditional and soft corner atttitude of China on North Korea could be a cause of worry to other nations as china is ready to patronise the rouge North Korea as its leverage on others for its strategic interests.

The hacking of Sony Pictures and later warning the moviegoers and ultimately forcing the theaters to not show  the movie and Sony pictures to not release its movie has put few questions before us how the proliferation of technology has changed the world where a bunch of technocrats can create a situation where big corporations can lost their millions of dollars and countries engage in war without engaging their military into war.

The new era of technology has created new opportunities and explored new dimensions of development for us but it has thrown few challenges before us as well where Uber taxi services gives new dimensions to cab services to book your cab in cyber space but without structural balance between virtual world and real world it can be hazardous as well.

The hacking episode of Sony pictures and Uber cab controversy only warn us to be prepare  to the new reality of cyber world and think out of the box to be more adaptive to technology and make technology and cyber space more adaptive to mankind .


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