Conversation between two fake lions ( A short story)

Few years ago one unemployed youth tried its best to find an employment but he did not succeed to get it. When he almost gave up his efforts his  friend came out with a suggestion which initially he found amusing but decided to test  his luck. The suggestion which came from the friend of unemployed youth was to apply for the post of a fake lion in a circus. The friend told him that from  ancient  times there have been a custom to play the lions before public in circus and in ancient times it was the real game for royals but when time passed and real lions become extinct but the curioisity of public to watch the lions did not die down in comparison to their extinction the circus decides to employ the unemployed youth to make them fake lions before public and most of the circus went for employment of youths .

When unemployed youth listen to this idea he found it working for him and he applied in a circus and he was selected. He was given the job to wear the mascot and  skin of lion and go to the public and audience and he has to simply puffed up his chest and roar in a way as people would be deceived as they are watching a real lion.  He was not appointed on salary but he earns the money in direct proportion to how much he gets clapping from audience on his acting and make them sure the virutal lion as the real one.

On the first day this unemployed youth has to be tied with other lions for a while till the whole public leaves the circus and the whole cycle of the day of cirucus ends.  On the first day when fake lion was standing with other lions after his show he was too much scared and was standing with fear but he found one other lion standing with him behaving in the same way . When the first timer fake lion watched this scene he thought may be this lion is also fake and acting like lion with mascot and skin of lion. He decided to ask the other lion , “ Are you real one? The other lion answered with a counter question , “ Are you real one” ? The fear of the both of the fake lions evaporated and they start conversation between them.

The first timer fake lion asked to other one, “ For how long you are in this bussiness?”
The other lion answered, “ I could not remember the exactly when it was but in my childhood I went to see the show of real lion and impressed show much to it and when reached to my house I tried to emulate lion and acted like him , when I grew up my friends told me there is a circus  in city which recruit young people to make them act like lion  and it drives their circus and young people can feel them to be lion by being virtual lion” .

First timer lion again asked, “ But who benefits from it? In the last we are all fake lions. I find it more immoral when we know that we are fake lions but we repeatedly making public fool out of our acts”.

The second lion replied, “ See, in the beginning it was necessary because suddenly lions become extinct and it was necessary to keep  people habitual of lion. Gradually when people become so ignorant that they were unable to differentiate between real lion and fake lion and this show of fake lion grows in a bussiness empire and now so big empire that if cirucus want to to end it they can’t do on their own” .

These replies could not satisfy the first timer fake lion and he continued to persist with his queries of the morality and immorality involves with it.

The other lion did not hesitate to reply that, “ look the question of morality and immorality is very much relative question. One thing which is moral to one could well be immoral to other.  It depends how you interpretate it, Initially the circus begins with an idea to make young people fake lions to entertain public but later people enjoyed it and they connected them to this idea and now the whole business of circus has become source of earning for thousnads od people. If you look this whole idea of fake lion acting like real one to employing to thousands of people  you would find it moral but if you thought otherwise nothing could be more immoral than this. But we all know ultimately public have to decide which is unable to differentitate between real one and fake one and even when it knows very well that these days real lions could be find either in reserve forests or zoo but still they want to see lion in between them” .

The first timer fake lion asked again , “ For how long this circus will go?”

The other fake lion replied, “ This circus has been doing business for a long time with excellent success and whenever the circus management find that fake lion is getting old or losing his sheen or his reality can be exposed to public  they change it with other one. Let’s see for how long this game goes on. But I find one worrying trend with this generation which is not as enthusiastic as previous was with this show of fake lion and it seems it is difficult to satisfy this new generation with fake lion for a long time”.

The first timer fake lion become worried with this conversation and he saw in the sky with a deep breath and said, “ O, God , this time is really strange when I am doing well with my acting as fake lion and able to deceive public and gets clap for my acting what’s the problem with public? How much difference is between real lion and fake lion?   Eiether it is real  one or fake one  both of them have to dance on the tunes of their ring master”.

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