Amitabh Tripathi a political analyst and journalist. Law graduate from Avadh  university of Uttar Pradesh (India). Since my student days related with journalism and worked with several social organisations. During my experience with journalism I have found that various forms of media influence the perception of people but often news are being manipulated to serve the vested interest of some section of people but various journalists don’t even bother how truth have been put away from them in shrewd way .

This blog have been formed to raise those issues in every important development which don’t come in the sight of the people due to prejudice and ideological division. The theme of the blog is to analyze the major developments and think beyond the news to give new dimension to every major development.

In the name of human rights and liberalism lot of injustice happens across the globe.  Every news has its importance but at the same time it keeps various dimensions which remains  untouched because those who present it  before us don’t want to come those angles before the people . My effort is to look beyond the news and extract from the news what others want to hide.


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