Conversation between two fake lions ( A short story)

Few years ago one unemployed youth tried its best to find an employment but he did not succeed to get it. When he almost gave up his efforts his  friend came out with a suggestion which initially he found amusing but decided to test  his luck. The suggestion which came from the friend of unemployed youth was to apply for the post of a fake lion in a circus. Continue reading “Conversation between two fake lions ( A short story)”


Why Daniel Pipes needs to be heard?

In last few decades one name has become authority on Islamic study and Middle Eastern issues and almost unavoidable for experts on this subject whether they like it or not and this name is none other than president of Middle East forum himself Dr Daniel Pipes.  He is not facing the criticism from his critics only who find themselves happy to term him Islamophobe but he is also being criticized by those also who suppose to support him. Continue reading “Why Daniel Pipes needs to be heard?”

Will Prakash Karat be new Harkishan singh Surjeet?

Merely a one week ago the Congress strong man and leader from Kerala A K Antony hinted that Congress is not averse to doing business with left front if such situation arises. But general secretary of CPI (M) Prakash karat took only less than one week to respond to this congress overtures and laid down his plan for the next general elections where he will try to repeat Harkishan Singh Surjeet for himself. Prakash Karat hopes to repeat the era of 1996 in Indian politics and emerge as the pivotal to non congress secular front. Continue reading “Will Prakash Karat be new Harkishan singh Surjeet?”

मोदी से कौन डरता है?

भारत में आम चुनाव होने में वैसे तो अभी एक वर्ष का समय शेष है परंतु जिस प्रकार की चर्चायें और बहस राजनीतिक विश्लेषकों और राजनीतिक दलों के मध्य चल रही है उससे तो अलग ही संकेत मिलते दिखायी दे रहे हैं। इन सबके मध्य यह अवश्य विचारणीय विषय है और शोध का भी विषय है कि गुजरात के मुख्यमंत्री देश और देश से बाहर सर्वाधिक चर्चा के केंद्र में क्यों है? गुजरात के मुख्यमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने देश की राजनीति को ध्रुवीकृत कर दिया है  हालाँकि उस संदर्भ में नहीं जैसा कि उनके विरोधी चाहते हैं परंतु इतना अवश्य है कि आज की स्थिति में या तो आप मोदी के समर्थक हैं या उनके विरोधी । इसमें तटस्थ जैसी कोई बात नहीं रह गयी है। इसलिये इस पर चर्चा करना स्वाभाविक है कि नरेंद्र मोदी  विश्व भर के वामपंथियों और समाजवादियों को  क्यों फूटी आँखों नहीं सुहाते? Continue reading “मोदी से कौन डरता है?”

Who are afraid of Narendra Modi?

Although Indian parliament has almost one year to complete its term before general elections are being declared but the speculations, gossips and assessment are there to hint something else. Beyond all these buzz one interesting question remains unanswered why chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi is every time in discussion either from his admirers or from his baiters?  Narendra Modi is the second Non Congress leader apart from former BJP Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpaee who has been in discussion so often even before he has been officially announced as the prime Ministerial candidate from the largest opposition party BJP. Continue reading “Who are afraid of Narendra Modi?”