Shah Bano to Isharat Jahan we have returned to 80’s

In the decade of 80’s I was merely a child but watching the developments going around me with great curiosity.  I can remember those developments in chronological order which happened after 1984. I was too young at the time of general elections for 1984 were in discussions and the failed experience of Janta Party was a great cause of worry among the opposition groups. Leaders like chandrashekhar ,  Chaudhary Charan Singh and Atal Bihari vajpee were preparing to make Congress out of power but the unfortunate incident of assassination of Smt Indira Gandhi happened and the whole political scenario changed in few days. Continue reading “Shah Bano to Isharat Jahan we have returned to 80’s”


Will Modi be the instrument for change in India?

The social, political and economic atmosphere of country is charged with heavy discussion of uncertainty. If you talk to any people ranging from any class to any gender or any age group one thing is very common that is aspiration for change. The change for which they are looking is not easy even for them to define also but they are looking for it. Most of the discussions are taking place from streets to restaurants and drawing room to Television channels are the political scenario of country post 2014 general elections. But here issues are larger than politics. Continue reading “Will Modi be the instrument for change in India?”

Who are afraid of Narendra Modi?

Although Indian parliament has almost one year to complete its term before general elections are being declared but the speculations, gossips and assessment are there to hint something else. Beyond all these buzz one interesting question remains unanswered why chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi is every time in discussion either from his admirers or from his baiters?  Narendra Modi is the second Non Congress leader apart from former BJP Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpaee who has been in discussion so often even before he has been officially announced as the prime Ministerial candidate from the largest opposition party BJP. Continue reading “Who are afraid of Narendra Modi?”

Future of right wing politics in India

When we talk for Indian politics often we see it after the independence and perhaps it is the right perspective to see it. On This basis if we try to read the politics of next decade  we need to take in to account the role of major components of Indian politics and their place in society as well.

After  the independence of country in political arena there was no political power except of Congress but with the prism of society and literature this independence was half hearted and was  not absolute in their definition and due to this  the famous Hindi  poet and person close to Congress party shri Ramdhari Singh Dinkar  wrote an epic called “ Parashuram ki Pratishka” ( Waithing for the Parashuram Mythological figure and incarnation of Lord Vishnu who was partly Brahmin and Kshatriya)  )  and in this epic he called for the nation to be prepare for the changes in future . Continue reading “Future of right wing politics in India”

क्यों होंगे मध्यावधि चुनाव ?

कांग्रेस नीत वर्तमान यूपीए सरकार को बाहर से समर्थन दे रही समाजवादी पार्टी के प्रमुख मुलायम सिंह यादव ने दावा किया है कि उनके पास खुफिया जानकारी है कि केंद्र सरकार इसी वर्ष नवम्बर तक आम चुनाव करा सकती है। इसी बीच दक्षिण अफ्रीका में ब्रिक्स समूह की बैठक से लौटते हुए प्रधानमंत्री मनमोहन सिंह ने आशा व्यक्त की कि एक बार फिर से केंद्र में यूपीए की वापसी हो सकती है।

इन दोनों ही बयानों का आपस में कोई सम्बंध  तो नहीं है परंतु इन दोनों ही बयानों के आधार पर भविष्य की राजनीति के संकेत अवश्य निकाले जा सकते हैं। Continue reading “क्यों होंगे मध्यावधि चुनाव ?”

Why General Elections will happen early?

Yesterday was the day of developments. Mulayam Singh Yadav Chief of the One of the outside supporter of the ruling coalition Samajwadi Party revealed before his party workers that he has the confidential information that General Elections scheduled in My 2014 could pre pone and may take place in November this year and in other development Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told media persons on board during his return journey from South Africa that he is willing to head the UPA 3 if he can  bring back  it to power once again.  In the western part of our country the chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra modi welcomed a delegation of US congress representatives along with US business group. Although all of three developments are not related with each other in any way but every one of them has some indication for the future of the politics of our country. Continue reading “Why General Elections will happen early?”

The Mulaym saga

For last two decades few players in political arena had dominated the scenes as  chief of Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav had. He is the shrewdest politician of recent times and his political acumen has outsmarted many of political heavyweights. If one can recount the history he was the person responsible to stop the smooth riding of Congress chief Smt Sonia Gandhi to 7, Race course road in 1999 when after the fall of First NDA Government led by Atal Bihari Vajpaee he did not give the letter of support to president for Sonia Gandhi. In 1999 Mulayam Singh Yadav surprised everyone and political pundits by declining to support the Sonia led Government and it was speculated that he did not support Sonia Gandhi because he himself was aspiring for the top post of the country. Continue reading “The Mulaym saga”

मुलायम के पैंतरों में उलझती भाजपा

पिछले दो दशक से भी अधिक समय से मुलायम सिंह यादव देश की राजनीति के एक प्रमुख कलाकार रहे हैं । बीते दो दशकों में उन्होंने अनेक रंग दिखाये हैं पर पिछले कुछ दिनों से संसद के अंदर से लेकर बाहर तक जो नया रंग वे दिखा रहे हैं वह एक बार उनकी राजनीतिक कुशलता को दर्शाता है।

1989 में उत्तर प्रदेश में सरकार के मुखिया रहते हुए जिस भारतीय जनता पार्टी के नेता लालकृष्ण आडवाणी के नेतृत्व में चले राममंदिर में कारसेवा करने  अयोध्या आये निर्दोष कारसेवकों पर अंधाधुंध फायरिंग करवाकर देश के एक समुदाय विशेष के मध्य मसीहा की छवि प्राप्त करने वाले मुलायम सिंह यादव के लिये वही आडवाणी अब कलियुग के राजा हरिश्चन्द्र हो गये हैं। अब आडवाणी के लिये मुलायम सिंह अपने पुत्र की सरकार को झाड लगा रहे हैं। Continue reading “मुलायम के पैंतरों में उलझती भाजपा”