The Road Ahead for New India

We Indian sometimes don’t realize that we are gradually becoming a country of rhetoric. We don’t realize what we aspire? How could we achieve it? And what sacrifices we need to achieve our goal?

Two slogans have been cornerstone of our nationalistic aspirations for last few decades. One, We are about to become super power and territorial integrity and unity of country has been taken for granted as Hindutva alone can insure the unity and integrity of country . With this mindset the surge of Hindutva in Indian polity since 1989 has been considered as a starting point for Indian revivalism.  Continue reading “The Road Ahead for New India”


My thoughts on arrest of jundal, Tunda and Yasin Bhatkal

It is very much visible that Abu Jundal, Abdul Karim Tunda and now founder of Indian Mujahideen Yasin Bhatkal has been arrested with joint operation of our intelligence agencies with support of US agencies. What could be the reason behind the US cooperation with our intelligence agencies. Few points come to my mind. Continue reading “My thoughts on arrest of jundal, Tunda and Yasin Bhatkal”

US religious freedom report: Selective in its approach

Even After more than 6 decades of our independence a section of elites in our country still looks to west as our masters and their words are being considered as the basis for our policy making. The customary US religious freedom report is one of them which excite lot of media personnel and elites in India every year and they never debate on the merits of this report in global perspective but feel happy to draw inferences for their ideological and political motives on domestic front. Continue reading “US religious freedom report: Selective in its approach”